• You teach the way I learn. THANK YOU.

    Bill L.
  • Penny's teaching style is exceptionally well-motivated and illustrated.

    John R.
    A Beginner’s Guide To Machine Learning With Unity
  • Not only is the content good, the instructor really understands how people learn.

    Nick D.
    Shader Development From Scratch For Unity With CG
  • Loved this course!! Excellent well thought out content, really helped me get my head around gameplay AI.

    Hayden D.
    The Beginner’s Guide To Artificial Intelligence In Unity
  • This course so far is the most in-depth easiest to understand on voxel world creation.

    Mikhail S.
    How To Program Voxel Worlds Like Minecraft
  • This course is by far the best unity-course i’ve seen so far. Fantastic. It’s like watching tv. You learn a darn lot about animation. In a very clear and good fashion. Worth every penny. At least. Highly recommended!

    Alex P.
    The Beginner’s Guide To Animation In Unity
  • This course has been awesome. I knew virtually nothing about coding, and now I'm halfway thru, loving it, and learning a TON!

    Nicholas L.
    Naked C#: A Beginner’s Guide To Coding
  • Great course! The instructor does a great job of not only giving you the information necessary to get your game networked but also includes many tips, tricks and potential gotchas along the way.

    Dirt P.
    Unity Networking From Scratch
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