Genetic Algorithm Car Starter Project

This is the starter file for my YouTube series on Genetic Algorithms for training cars.  Download here: 


Goal Oriented Action Learning Starter Project

This is the starter file for my YouTube series on Goal-Oriented Action Learning.  You can find the start of the tutorial playlist here.  Download here: GOAPStarter


A Simple FPC Controller

This is a very simple FPC Controller based on Unity’s original standard assets.  It’s been updated to work in 2021+.  It is also used in a number of my YouTube tutorials.  Download here: SimpleFPC.unitypackage.


The Starter File for “Zombunny’s Easter Egg Hunt” Youtube Tutorial

If you are following my YouTube tutorial on using genetic algorithms to teach Zombunny how to find Easter eggs you’ll need this starter file.

2022-03-29_14-46-17 file for “ShaderToy” Youtube Tutorial

If you are following my YouTube tutorial for creating a ShaderToy port for OpenGL and Python then you will need


Resources for “Bad Habits” Youtube Tutorial

If you are following my YouTube tutorial for creating an exploding crowd then you will need this starter file.


Unity’s Standard Assets from V2018 as a package

Looking for Unity’s Standard Assets that disappeared from the Asset Store?  They were for 2018 but you will find them useful in later versions. Import this package.


ECS First Person Virus Shooter Starter Project

Here’s at the ECSShooter unity package for my ECS First Person Shooter tutorial on Youtube. 


ChromaKey Shader

Here’s a ChromaKey that’s used in my Youtube tutorial on Augmented Reality. 


Wheel Model

Here’s a wheel model that’s used in my Youtube tutorial on Wheel Physics. 


Unity’s Island

This island came out as a Unity Asset quite a few versions ago.  But I love it and so have the package here for you as I don’t think you can get it anywhere else.  This version was updated in V. 2019.1.


Warehouse Environment

Here’s an old warehouse model of Unity’s that I have used in a lot of tutorials.  It’s great as it provides numerous rooms and interesting areas to play test AI and effects. I’ve used it for creating sticky bombs to breadcrumb following AI in my Holistic Development books.


Build a Quest System

Here are the resource files for the YouTube tutorial on building a Quest System.  You can find the start of the tutorial here.


Unity’s 4xWheeled Drive

This is another of the old Unity assets I really liked.  I reminds me of the warthogs from Halo. It comes with a player controller script and sound effects. Download it here.



Here’s another great Unity asset from older versions that’s no longer available.  Astrodude!  I use him in my Endless Runner course and several YouTube videos.  Here he is for you as a unity package.


Natural Textures

Many, many years ago when I started game development I found this great seamless texture pack online. It was created by Aeonic.  Sadly his website and subsequent textures aren’t available anywhere else.  But I have them zipped up here for you.


Terrain Trees, Vegetation and Textures

Tree and vegetation models from original Unity terrain project. There’s also some billboards and ground textures. Download here.

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Visual Studio Shortcuts

Want to be more efficient using VS?  Check out these shortcuts.


Sheep Model and Texture Atlas

Download the unitypackage from here: sheep.unitypackage.