Free Stuff for Game Development

If you are starting out in game development then you\’ll be expected to be designer, coder and modeller all in one.  Sometimes this just isn\’t possible. Luckily for you there are some really great people out there that provide quality free assets for you to use in your own projects.  Most are for non-commercial use, but sometimes you will come across some very generous creators who\’ll let you use their stuff for free in commercial projects.  Please check the individual licensing before you use make use of any of the following great online game development resources. 

Unity Asset Store

While the Unity Asset Store isn\’t strictly a free download website, it does contain a lot of freely downloadable assets.  A really great list can be found in the Top Free 3D Model list (click on the image to the left to go there).


This site isn\’t strictly an all free zone either.  But it\’s been my go-to 3D model provider since I began developing.  And you\’ll find a great list of 3D objects to download and try out in your projects.

Texture Haven

An absolute (as the name suggests) haven for textures.  Not only diffuse maps, but you\’ll also find bumps, normals and many others.


More free 3D models can be found at Free3D.  They aren\’t as high quality as the one\’s you\’ll find on TurboSquid but if you are after something simple and low poly this could be all you need.

This is my go-to website for when I need a texture for pretty much anything.  Lots of high quality images as well as pngs of vegetation of billboarding and a range of map types for a variety of effects.

CC0 Textures

A fantastic array of PBR textures that are all in the public domain.


You\’ll find all sorts of assets at  There are paid as well as free sets of sprites, 2D and 3D things to use in your games. is similar to Kenney in that it has free as well as paid assets and again its full of a variety of sprites, 2D and 3D assets for game development.

This is an open source website where creators of sound effects and music share audio files for free.  From some questionable low quality sounds to professional quality backing track loops you are sure to find something useful.

Sound Effect Plus

This website also offers free sound effects.  The license presented on the site gives away the audio files for non-commercial and commercial projects for free and also royalty-free.  Happy times.


If you need a font for your GUI, look no further than Dafont.  This website has been around forever and provides an endless array of fonts for any project.  Its always the place I go around Halloween for  especially scary looking lettering.