Teach With Us

Do you have an idea for a course related to games, computer science, artificial intelligence or computer graphics? Are you an exceptional and knowledgeable teacher? Want 30 years of teaching, instructional designer and online course delivery experience behind you? Let us know.

If we think you’d be a good fit with our content you will receive 40% revenue on H3DLearn.com and Udemy under our banner, video reviewing and feedback during development, access to a project management tool to work with our team, English captioning (by a human) on Udemy and marketing to our student base on social media and mailing list.
Tell us why you are an expert in this area.
Outline the course you would like to deliver online in as much detail as possible and include applicable links to your existing content.
Please let us know of your level of experience in creating online course content and the software you use.