Unity Networking From Scratch
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In this course, Penny will take you from the very basics of creating a simple client/server game environment using Unity’s UNET system right through to creating and managing a lobby system. The topics covered are the ones that most frequently appear on the forums and that many people struggle in understanding. The course is practical with many step-by-step exercises. Students of this course will learn about the UNET Network Manager and how to use message sending to synchronise rigid body movement and animation of player characters. Overriding the Network Manager will also be covered to allow developers to create customised network functionality such as changing player characters while playing, shooting projectiles and managing player characteristics such as health.

  • I love Penny's courses. This one gave all the knowledge I need and more when it comes to Networking in Unity.
    Paul B

  • A really good, easy to follow, but non-trivial introduction to Unity Networking. I'll definitely be taking other courses by the same author & instructor.
    John R

  • This course is excellent. Very easy to follow and has done a great job of polishing my understanding. The instructor is friendly, professional, and the passion that she has for teaching these tools is evident. I highly recommend this course and instructor.
    David R

  • Great course. I am a professional game developer with 2 computer science degrees and years of experience and I still learned a TON. Highly recommended.
    Jeremy D

  • I have always liked the videos and tutorials created by Penny de Byl and this course is no exception. Information is related in an interesting and relevant way so as to teach all needed information without loosing focus of the course objectives.
    Bill W

  • A very in depth, but fast paced and easy to follow tutorial series. Completely worth your time and immediately beneficial to those looking to make a multiplayer game or add lobbies and/or matchmaking to one.
    Curtis G

Topics covered include:

  • network configurations
  • IP addresses
  • hosting
  • remote procedure calls
  • syncing rigidbody movement
  • syncing animation states
  • playing with different player-characters
  • changing player-characters while connected
  • setting up the Unity Lobby asset
  • syncing variable values across scenes
  • setting up Unity Match Making services

Developed in Unity 5, this course remains relevant for versions 2017, 2018 and beyond with Unity’s Networking API which has remained constant over the years.