Naked C#: A Beginner’s Guide to Coding
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This course will not teach you to become a programmer.  Programming is like martial arts, it takes years and years of practice.  No course can make you a grand master no matter what it promises.  What this course WILL do is give you a solid foundation in programming as a skill for life using C# as the vehicle. You will learn about the fundamental nature of the computer and how to communicate with it through the development of programs to perform a variety of tasks and solve numerous problems.  Following the same curriculum used to teach 1st year computer science in university in the first 6 months of a degree, you will learn not just what to program but 1) why it is is done like that and 2) how you can broaden your skill set in programming beyond this single course.

  • This is a great class for someone like me who is new to coding. The pacing of the class is very good and it's structured in a way that builds your confidence as you progress through the class.
    Umaru J

  • Penny is a really good teacher, this is the kind of C# class I've been looking for and it is just right for what I need right now. I would highly recommend it.
    J F

  • I'm an artist, code was always something that I had the desire to learn but at same time I always thought it was something too complex and boring... Now I'm finding it extremely fun to learn and I've been doing the course and watching the videos as if it were a Netflix series. I get excited at every new thing that pops up 😀 .... Recommended!
    Diogo S

  • This course has been awesome. I knew virtually nothing about coding, and now I'm halfway thru, loving it, and learning a TON! Great teacher, clear and concise lessons with plenty of opportunity to learn, test code, experiment, and consistent quizzes and challenges. 5/5
    Nicholas L

  • very informative, nice and easy to follow. Great start to C# for beginners like me
    Elliot S

  • Best C# course out there. Been having real problems trying to learn C#, but this course is straight to the point and not drawn out, which is great, because every time I need to review something I can just look at a specific video covering a specific topic. Hands down the best C# course not only on udemy, but anywhere on the internet.
    Mindsettings G

Topics covered include:

  • Bits, Bytes and Binary;
  • Management and Manipulating Memory;
  • Performing Mathematical Operations;
  • Designing Dynamic Program Execution with Logic;
  • Developing Repetition for Fast Data Processing;
  • Handling User Input; and,
  • Reading and Writing to Files

The course material has been developed for students using either Windows or Mac computers using the freely available Mono C# compiler.  It is well paced covering each concept in bite sized chunks and filled with hands-on workshops that will build projects across a variety of domains.  Some of the programs that will be written include:

  • a Caesar Cipher for encrypting text;
  • a Hangman Game;
  • a Number Guessing Game;
  • a Chatterbot;
  • storing and retrieving names and addresses in a file; and
  • reading and processing text from a webpage.

At the end of this course you will be equipped with a toolbox of skills that you can apply in your job and day-to-day life making you more employable and relevant in today’s marketplace.