Build An Endless Runner From Scratch

Release Date: Late June, 2019.

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Who doesn’t love a good endless runner?  Did you know it’s the genre that reigns from the early platform games of Donkey Kong and Mario Brothers? From Canabalt to Temple Run to Subway Surfer, this casual game has been the pasttime of many a gamer with a mobile device and a few moments to while away.  But did you know there’s quite a bit of work that goes into such a game? Of course the scenery is repetitive, but did you know that it has to be constructed with pieces of the environment that can always fit together and be procedurally placed?  
My objective in this course is to teach you all you need to know to make your own!
Learn how to program and work with:
  • Character Animations
  • Procedural Infinite World Generation
  • Gestures
  • Graphical User Interfaces
  • Pickups
  • Particle Systems

and much more.