Small Projects

The projects on this page are no longer maintained however, they are still used by some institutions and available for download.

These are short workshops that you can complete in 1 – 2 hours. Some require little if no programming for those who want a taste of what’s possible in Unity. They have been developed as student and teacher workshops given at University open days, student experience days and high-school teacher masterclasses. Feel free to use them in your own classroom as exercises.

2015-04-30_11-06-34Need for Speed (Updated for Unity 5)
Make a Racing Game in 1 Hour.

This quick tutorial introduces the Unity interface and demonstrates to the novice game developer available in the Unity game engine.  It covers simple driving, artificial intelligence techniques and terrain sculpting to build a complete driving game including non-player character vehicles.

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2015-04-30_13-58-05Slender Granny (Updated for Unity 5)
Can you save Granny from the Zombie Attack?

In this ~2 hr tutorial you will learn how to control the animations of a character with the keyboard, build a simple terrain, program some brain hungry zombies and construct a simple user interface.

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2015-05-13_13-50-48Creating an Animation Controller with JavaScript and Mechanim

In this 1 hr tutorial you will learn how to import animations from Mixamo, add them to the Unity Mechanim system and control their transitions with code.

The android model will be programmed to walk, turn, jump and salsa.  All animation used are freely available from

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