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Why Patreon?

I’ve been making technical and game development tutorials for YouTube for many years but it wasn’t until early 2016 that I decided to focus on Unity and to start creating step-by-step programming and animation videos that my channel really took off (youtube.com/c/holistic3d).

By joining the Holistic3D Patreon community you’ll be provided with continued game development tutorials from a professional with over 20 years experience in industry and academia across a broad range of topics including networking, augmented reality, programming, mobile, animation and even machinima.

I’ve had such great feedback from my followers including:

  • Thank you for your videos! They are really inspiring! You not only give me names of stuff to research, but also the actual way to implement them in Unity! My progress so far is because of you!
  • Hey Holistic, every single one of your tutorials are brilliant! I’ve been trying to teach myself unity for the past couple of weeks and your videos have been the most clear and helpful videos I’ve seen out of every tutorial I’ve watched.
  • Hello!! I really love your tutorials!! They’re super helpful and I have had zero issues with them.

Obviously there are thousands of indie developers out there hungry for more tutorials and I’d love to deliver them but there are only so many hours in the day! ¬†Supporting my channel will assist me in creating more content and bringing it to those who want it most.

Your support inspires me to keep creating.