Augmented Pizza
Seems like AR is everywhere these days.  I was watching TV last night and saw the Dominos Pizza app that allows you to design your pizza right on the table top.  This app uses the same technology as Pokemon which provides marker less augmented content positioning and tracking.  It’s called SLAM (simultaneous localisation and mapping).  In a nutshell, the algorithm looks for points of interest in the video feed from your devices camera and maps their position and how they move relative to one another to get an idea of perspective and the 3D nature of the scene.

SLAM is just one of the technologies that I teach in my “Beginner’s Guide to Augmented Reality” Udemy course, using the brilliant Wikitude SDK plugin for Unity.  And if you are after a quick taster of just how easy AR is check out my 5 minute AR tutorial in YouTube.

5 Minute Augmented Reality