The Beginner’s Guide to Developing Augmented Reality Applications

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Learn how to create your own AR mobile and desktop applications from scratch with Unity and Wikitude.

Want to learn how to meld the real with the virtual? Want to create engaging applications with direct links between the physical world and computerised information, 3D models and animations? Want to learn how to use image pattern recognition to use digital camera feeds to control and orientate the virtual world? Then this course on augmented reality is for you.
Throughout we will be using the Unity Game Engine with Wikitude (freely available for Holistic3D students) to delve into the topic of augmented reality. From examining its earliest origins to understanding the mashup of computerised environments with the real world we will be creating numerous applications for iOS, Android, Mac and PC from simple games to location detection.
The topics covered include:
  • Projecting Virtual Objects over live camera feed
  • 2D Image Recognition
  • 3D Object and Scene Recogntion
  • 3D Scene Recognition
  • QR and Barcode Detection
  • Image Tracking, and
  • Placing virtual interactable objects and animations into a real scene
Using the same technology as Pokemon Go, you’ll come away from this course able to develop your own AR experiences with an understanding of how the overlapping spaces of the real and unreal can be combined for true engagement.

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