Unity 5 From Scratch

Unity 5 From Scratch Part 1: The Interface

This series of “From Scratch” tutorials will take you step by step through all the fundamental aspects of Unity 5. This first video looks at the Unity Interface and a little of what’s happening behind the scenes on your computer. Creating a simple game object, viewing it and moving it around is also covered.


Unity 5 From Scratch Part 2: Materials

Ever wondered how to colour and texture game objects? Want to know what ALL those settings for a material do and how they work? Then this is the tutorial for you. We cover all the basic properties of Unity materials including Albedo, Metallic, Normal Maps, Height Maps, Occlusion Maps and Emission.

Unity 5 From Scratch Part 3: More Materials

Following on from Part 2 this tutorial covers the detailed texture maps, detail mask and tiling settings for materials.  You will learn how to add a secondary texture to a material for upclose detail as well as mask off areas so that only parts of a model show that texture.  In addition I explain how a texture is tiled over the surface of a model.

Unity 5 From Scratch Part 4: Models and Meshes

In this tutorial I cover the principals of models, what makes them visible and how to optimise for best performance. We will revisit the concept of normals from Part 2 and explain why they important to the visibility of your model. Also covered is bringing in models from third party providers such as turbosquid.com.

Unity 5 From Scratch Part 5: Physics – Gravity, Bounce & Friction

In this tutorial we look at the basics of the Unity physics system. Gravity and its settings are covered as well as adding bounce and friction to game objects. The way in which the physics properties interact when game objects come into contact is explained and demonstrated.

Unity 5 From Scratch Part 6: Starting To Program

In this tutorial we will examine how to create a simple C# program and attach it to a game object to change the object’s behaviour. We will also look at the Unity Script Reference and how you can use the code from there to experiment. For this example we will make a cube spin on the spot and investigate the properties of the Transform component.

Unity 5 From Scratch Part 7: Variables

Continuing on with the elements of programming, this tutorial examines the basics of variables. The exercise will show you how to create a variable, set its value and use it. Towards the end I show you how to detect keyboard key presses to set the value of a variable that controls the scale of a cube.

How to Construct a Simple First Person Controller

In this tutorial I will show you how to build a simple First Person Controller from scratch.  The character will walk forward and back and strafe as well as look around and turn.  You will build two very simple scripts in C# to control the translations of the character as well as a mouse looking capability for the camera.

Source Code: FPController

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