• You teach the way I learn. THANK YOU.  

    Bill L.
  • Great course with a lot of different examples of the possibilities that Unity provides when it comes to Animation.

    Wim d.
    Mastering 3D Animation in Unity
  • Thanks again for the course, your tutorials are always great in quality, and ALWAYS well presented in easy to learn chunks; with high variability available in what we can do with what you have shown us.

  • Awesome coverage. From animating objects, to rigged meshes to root motion. Would recommend.

    Brian S.
    Mastering 3D Animation in Unity
  • Extremely clear, step by step instructions make the content easy and enjoyable to follow.

    Pietro R.
    Mastering 3D Animation in Unity
  • Penny is a great teacher and explains networking with a unity game really well... this is a great course.

    Andrew K.
    Unity Networking From Scratch
  • This is the best UNet course I have found on the internet very informative and very active and helpful instructor.

    Troy P.
    Unity Networking From Scratch

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 Naked C#: A Beginner’s Guide to Coding

This course is targetted at those with little or no coding experience and will demonstrate in Windows and Mac OS the fundamental concepts used in all programming languages through a variety of hands-on workshops in which students will develop applications including webpage readers, chatterbots and file processing. A great way to ensure you’ve got all the critical coding elements under your belt.

The topics covered include:

  • Bits, Bytes and Binary.
  • Management and Manipulating Memory.
  • Performing Mathematical Operations.
  • Designing Dynamic Program Execution with Logic.
  • Developing Repetition for Fast Data Processing.
  • Handling User Input.
  • Reading and Writing to Files.

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Mastering 3D Animation in Unity

Enrolling in this course will teach you how to:

  • Create animations from scratch using the Unity Mecanim system and place them onto game objects.
  • Import third party animated assets into Unity and setup animation controllers.
  • Write C# code to dynamically control animations through user interaction.
  • Explore the use of inverse kinematics in humanoid rigs.
  • Create complex animation sequences and blends dynamically controlled by the user at runtime.

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Unity Networking From Scratch

Enrolling in this course will teach you how to:

  • Create multiplayer games and connect Unity created applications over a network.
  • Understand the different roles played by servers and clients in a network.
  • Be able to use remote procedure calls to synchronise player-character states in a networked game.

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