• Seamless Textures for Terrains – AeonicTexturePack
    65 x 1024 x 1024 seamless textures for use on terrains including
    all ground types from sand and grass to rocks and snow and everything in between. 
  • Old Unity Demo Warehouse Model – warehouse.unitypackage
    An old interior model used in a Unity demo from version 2 resurrected here for you to enjoy.
  • Island Terrain – IslandsProject
    This is an updated version of the old Island Terrain. It now works with Unity 5.
  • Extra Terrain Assets – Terrain Assets
    These are some old terrain assets which were available with previous versions of Unity.  Drag and drop the unzipped folder into your Assets directory to use.  There are trees, grass, flowers and other objects that are compatible with the terrain editor’s paintbrush.
  • Apple and Pieces Model – splitapplemodel
    Here’s the 3D model of an apple as a whole, half and quarter.  I’ve downloaded for free from Turbosquid many years ago.  I use it for Fruit Ninja recreations.
  • Goober Model – goobermodel
    This is the Goober model created by Unity many moons ago.  The download includes the FBX, Texture and also some animations that will work with the mecanim system.
  • Cross Fade for Cinema Director – CrossFade.cs
    This script plugs into the Cinema Director suite to allow for cross fading of camera views.
  • Preview Mode Turn off with “P” key – DirectorWindow.cs
  • Current Selected Camera Preview Window – CameraPreview.cs
    This script when added to the Assets > Standard Assets > Editor folder will create a camera preview window that can be accessed from the Main Menu > Window > Preview Selected Camera
  • Useful for when you want to watch a camera and its not showing in the game or scene window.