The independent developer has ascended, and the new business model demands agility. You have to be able to work on all aspects of game creation, and your team’s game will publish directly to platforms like Android, iPhone, and Facebook. You’ll use Unity, the hottest game engine out there, to do it. In order to earn your place on the elite development team, you must master both sides of the development coin: art and programming.

Holistic Game Development with Unity is an authoritative guide to creating games in Unity. Taking you through game design, programming, and art, Penny de Byl uses a holistic approach to equip you with the multidisciplinary skills you need for the independent games industry.

Video Tutorials

Step-by-Step tutorials show you the finer points of working with Unity on a variety of topics spanning art, design and code.

Project Starters

Many of the book’s exercises require starter Unity Projects. They are all available here.

Teaching Resources

You’ll find quality teaching resources here including lesson plans, Powerpoint slides, Prezis and more…

white-quote-icon-leftVery happy with this book, I’ve given several Unity books a shot and yours is by far the best. Basing a programming book on Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain was a stroke of genius.
— Eric —white-quote-icon

white-quote-icon-leftFirst thing I will say is that this is one of the first technical books I have read cover to cover in a long time.
— Jaime —



These are the project files required to complete the Hands-On exercises in Holistic Game Development with Unity.

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Project Starters


needspeedBuild a Game in an Hour
At Bond University Open Day in August 2012 I conducted a short tutorial to show off Unity’s abilities to potential students. I now run this tutorial a couple of times every year. For this I borrowed the car models from the Unity car racing tutorial, wrote a lot of background code and came up with a drag and drop exercise to help non-programmers create a cool little car racing game complete with AI cars, lap and position statistics and exploding barrels.

Download Handout


curiosityCuriosity Cube
If you are not familiar with Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity game you can read about it here. It was freely available for iOS and Android. Essentially is a multiplayer game where player’s chip away at a large cube of cubes to reveal another layer of cubes to reveal another smaller cube of cubes underneath. The top layer of cubes must be completely removed before players can start work on the underneath layer. Learn how to procedurally generate it in Unity

Download Handout


superballAccelerometer Control
This tutorial shows you how the accelerometers in Android and iOS devices can be programmed to orientate the game world in much the same way that Super Monkey Ball works. In the exercise you will program the ground to rotate and thus cause the ball to move according to physics to the end of the track.

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Project Files (Zip)